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We come to your home or office to help you get in touch with a better you

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Mobile Medical Massage Clinic

Get in Touch With a Better You in the Greater Sacramento Area

Greater Sacramento Area

We will travel to your location in the Greater Sacramento Area, bringing our table, lotions, and linens to provide medical massage therapy where you need it most - at your home or office. Feel free to schedule back-to-back appointments for more than one person at your location! We look forward to working with you. Book now at or email us at to arrange an appointment. 

Corporate Events

We are happy to schedule corporate events to work on your employees on a massage chair or table at your office. Please email us directly at to set up a corporate event. 

Healthcare - In-Office Appointments

We offer half-day and full-day appointments to work in your medical office, hospital department, or surgery wing to collaborate with you on your patients. See our Healthcare page for more information on how we serve healthcare professionals, and email us directly at to set up a collaboration appointment.