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Our work is based on the research of Dr. Janet Travell and Dr. David Simons, who published their seminal volume Myofascial Pain & Dysfunction in 1977, after decades collecting and analyzing existing research and their own data from thousands of patients on pain in musc...

Our therapists are experts in the field of trigger point therapy, and we will work with you to assess your areas of decreased range of motion, pain, and tension. After our assessment, we will design sessions to release your specific trigger points, resulting in immedia...

Simply put, a trigger point is a "hyper-irritable point in a taut band" of muscle; we call it "neuromuscular work" because these points tend to occur where the nerve cells meet the muscle cels, which is called the "neuromuscular junction".

A trigger point is an energy c...

The word "chiropractic" comes from the Greek word meaning "effective treatment by hand." Today, this word is associated with the manipulation of joints to bring them back into healthy alignment. To communicate our belief that massage therapy is a complementary practice...

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